About us

BMJ Careers is one of the world's leading job advertising and career advice websites in the medical field, making us a trusted partner to both doctors looking to progress their career and the organisations that want to employ them.


With more than 125,000 unique monthly website users and print editions that are delivered to the homes of more than 108,500 secondary care doctors and 25,500 GPs every week there is no better place to showcase your vacancies to a medical audience than BMJ Careers.

We deliver results. We do this through leveraging BMJ assets and a multi-channel marketing strategy to take our customer’s jobs to relevant active and passive job seeking doctors. Through upgrades and branding opportunities we enable customers to achieve standout and create compelling reasons for candidates to apply. This is how, in 2022, we delivered 96,940 applications to medical jobs at 1,259 employers in 22 countries, and it is how we will deliver results for you.

Whether you are looking to advertise a single vacancy, or partner with us strategically through a subscription that covers all of your medical recruitment needs, please call us on +44 (0)20 3655 5100 or email careers@bmj.com to find out how we can deliver results for you.


Jobs - BMJ Careers will give you unrivalled access to the latest medical vacancies. Our website contains more than 2,500 job adverts from more than 300 unique employers every month. We cover both the public and private sectors, primary and secondary care, UK based and international jobs, so browse our site to find the right role for you. Don't worry if you cannot immediately find what you are looking for. Our website is updated with new jobs daily and setting up a job alert email will ensure you are the first to hear when the right job comes up.

CV services - Upload your CV to our database and let the best medical employers bring their jobs to you. You can access an editable template along with hints and tips for crafting the perfect medical CV through our interactive guide. Booking a personalised CV review with a medical careers expert can help apply the finishing touches to make sure the value of your skills and experience is communicated effectively.

Careers advice - Whatever stage of your career you are at - from applying to medical school, to choosing a specialty, to working as a consultant - we can help you unlock the potential of your career through our comprehensive library of careers advice articles. Browse topics such as working in the UK for overseas doctors, CVs and interview advice, or working in private practice to find support that is relevant to you.

If you cannot find the support you are looking for please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to assist you.